A comprehensive experience of growth in leadership, lifestyle, and direction.


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Elan internships in action-urban farming and gardening
Elan internships in action-community service projects
Elan internships in action-childrens ministry

Have you ever listened to some good ole' New Orleans jazz?

It's a concoction of each musician's sound, creativity and impulse that somehow flows together in harmony. Elan Ministries operates in a similar fashion. Every individual is encouraged to explore and develop their own “sound”, creativity and gifts, and incorporate them into a lifestyle of service. Our internships are tailored to the individual, offering well-rounded instruction in the areas of leadership skills, financial stewardship, personal development, and hands-on experience in the urban community.

Interested in joining us for an internship?

Please contact Suzanne Duvall with any questions or for further information. 

Elan Ministries' internships are in partnership with: