HISHANDS2GO: A Volunteer Experience


Beyond volunteerism: Fostering habits of the mind and habits of the heart through the facilitation of volunteer experiences in New Orleans.


In 2005, Elan Ministries established a disaster relief branch of the ministry in response to the tragic destruction of the Gulf Coast by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, making a 10 year commitment to assist churches and individuals in re-establishing themselves in their community. Since 2005, we have hosted more than 4,000 volunteers on mission trips in New Orleans! The number of churches and families assisted is in the hundreds.

HisHands2Go has one major function, to facilitate!

  • We facilitate an exceptional volunteer experience! HH2G offers a complete mission trip package of affordable lodging and meals, provision of tools, and prearranged volunteer opportunities in the community. We foster opportunities for volunteers to grow and develop individually and as a team.

  • We facilitate property assistance for families, churches, and other nonprofits. Our staff works closely alongside the folks we are assisting to provide preparatory guidance, volunteer labor, and tools to complete projects, without requirements or directives.

Is your organization looking for a mission trip opportunity?