Mission Statement:

Beyond volunteerism: Fostering habits of the mind and habits of the heart through the facilitation of volunteer experiences in New Orleans.

In 2005, Elan Ministries established a disaster relief branch of the ministry in response to the tragic destruction of the Gulf Coast caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Thus, HisHands2Go came into being with a 10 year commitment to assist churches and individuals in re-establishing themselves in their community. We have upheld this commitment by hosting the flood of volunteers that have come to serve and connecting them with churches, families, and individuals in need of assistance. Since 2005, HisHands2Go has hosted more than 4,000 volunteers, which calculates to over 120,000 man hours of labor! The number of churches, families, and individuals assisted is in the hundreds.

The 10 yr. anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was celebrated in 2015, marking the conclusion of HisHands2Go's initial commitment. However, HisHands2Go is still going strong hosting volunteer teams and connecting them with service opportunities in New Orleans.

HH2G has two major functions:

Facilitator: The complete package deal of affordable lodging and meals, provision of tools, and prearranged volunteer opportunities in the community offers a simplified logistical approach for those planning the trip, and a connected experience for the team at large. We foster opportunities for volunteers to grow and develop individually and as a team. 

Support: Our staff works closely alongside the folks we are assisting, a majority of them being elderly and/or disabled and physically incapable of physical labor. HH2G provides preparatory guidance, volunteer labor, and tools to complete projects without requirements or directives.

HisHands2Go Staff

Larry Swift, Executive Director of HH2G

Larry Swift

executive director

Rev. Larry Swift came down to New Orleans early in 2006 to help pastors and families rebuild. His plan was to serve for a week and then go back to upstate New York and continue with business activities. However, the Lord had other ideas for him, and he returned to New Orleans a couple more times. By mid 2006 he was serving with HH2G and other group related ministries full time. Larry looks forward to continued participation in what God is doing through His church and faith based ministries in NOLA as the neighborhoods are rebuilt one church, one family, and one business at a time.

Suzanne Duvall, Hospitality Coordinator of HH2G

Suzanne Duvall

hospitality coordinator

From Fort Wayne, IN, Suzanne made her first journey to New Orleans in June of ’07.  She jumped at an opportunity to serve in New Orleans for just a summer, but instead chose to relocate to New Orleans and become an intern of Elan Ministries, and later a staff member.  Suzanne currently serve as the hospitality coordinator for HH2G, and counts it a true privilege to accommodate the volunteers that come so that they in turn can enhance the lives of the homeowners they work for.


I have made many wonderful lifelong friendships over my time in NOLA. However, my excitement is for the new friends I have yet to meet and a hope for things that are yet to come. Won’t you come join us for an unforgettable missions experience? It just might change your life forever like it has changed mine. I look forward to meeting you and the joy of what we can do together!
— Pastor Larry Swift