Water for Ghana

Thank you flier

Over the past few years, Elan Ministries has developed a friendship with a village in Ghana. Our staff has visited and worked on the local ranch, and been heartily welcomed into the Ghanaian culture. The primary water source for the villagers and animals is pumped from a well that is located on the local ranch. The water is pumped from this well by a generator. For the past several months, the generator that was operating the pump was not working properly, and often would not start at all.

The dry season in Ghana is approaching, making access to water and the need for a well pump extremely important. In an effort to assist our Ghanaian friends, Elan Ministries committed to purchasing a new generator for this village. On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, we launched a fundraising campaign to raise $2,000. Generosity was rampant and within one week we raised the full amount! Within two weeks, the generator was purchased, transported, installed, and is now operating for the villagers and animals.

Thank you to each of you who gave towards this project, and to everyone who spread the word. You made this possible!