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Picture this: A woman is desperate for healing, and she sees her savior just feet away. She eagerly reaches out, her hand touching just the hem of his garment. During this encounter a powerful, miraculous healing takes place that encompasses the woman as a whole – physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially…  


The building and property at 4600 Marais St., New Orleans, LA was donated to Elan Ministries by Rev. Martin Jones and the Spirit of Praise Assembly of God Church during the early years of re-development after Hurricane Katrina. Elan established Garden on Marais on the property in 2010, and has continued to develop and expand its operation, adding a 4H Kids Club in 2015. The building, originally a warehouse, has been a useful storage site for the organization. However, we are now at the junction of dreams, preparation, and resources. The time has come to begin designing and renovating the building as a multipurpose facility available for residents and visitors of all demographics.

The HEM building on Marais St., side

The HEM building on Marais St., side

What is The HEM?

The HEM building on Marais St, front

The HEM building on Marais St, front

The HEM stands for Home of Elan Ministries, and once renovated, the building on Marais will become the hub of the Elan Ministries operation in its entirety. However, a creative dive beyond the acronym reveals a second definition of The HEM, the Heart of Elan Ministries. Elan Ministries aspires to foster a space in the urban community where folks of all ages discover hope, grow in faith, and encounter healing that wholly restores.

Our Project Scope

The building on Marais is approximately a 5000 sq ft. warehouse. Once renovated, the building will include the following:

The HEM project scope


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