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Elan Ministries has been fully funded by donations since its founding. These generous donations have covered our operational costs as well as program expenses thus far. However, we are at an exciting point of expansion and fundamental growth, and are offering our supporters, both fresh and seasoned, an opportunity to invest in our organization by becoming a Friend of Elan!

Elan Ministries volunteers plant seeds at Garden on Marais

Regenerate the community with your financial support.


Elan Ministries is the culmination of several narratives, some already established and others just developing. Our current and most important endeavor is to renovate our warehouse building on Marais St. Once renovated, this building will be the Home of Elan Ministries (The HEM). As the central station of all Elan Ministries operations, the building will include a community center, a performing arts theater, commissary kitchen, and dormitory lodging for volunteer teams. With a central location for our community and staff to meet, the possibilities of The HEM are endless. Monthly financial support will cover operational costs and enable our organization to focus efforts on The HEM build out as well as further developing the current programs.



How does it work?

A Friend of Elan makes a 2 year commitment to financially support Elan Ministries.

Team Elan is seeking to raise $150,000 over the course of 2 years through the commitment of monthly giving. We are asking donors to give recurring amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100. These donations can be made through our website or with a check via mail.



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