non-profit volunteer organization

      Based in New Orleans, LA, focused on enriching our community through neighborhood restoration, creation care, creative arts, and the development of future leaders. Elan Ministries has four main operations:

1) HisHands2go: volunteers join us for a week of serving others in the urban community

2) Garden on Marais: an oasis in the Upper 9th Ward where veggies, herbs, and flowers grow, and where our 4-H club kids learn about nutrition, creation care, and how to be a good neighbor

3) Internships: men and women seeking hands-on training for a lifestyle in ministry receive a tailored experience

4) Creative Arts: community members are invited to participate in various forms of the creative arts including theatrical productions, music performances, creative writing classes, dance, and more

In addition, we are currently in early stages of renovating our building on Marais St. in the Upper 9th Ward. Once complete, this building will become the Home of Elan Ministries (The HEM).